We develop strategies and create content for social networks, mobile applications, websites and media — Мнение.Тим — aгентство digital маркетинга | Digital marketing Agency Mnenie.Team
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We create e-commerce strategies and create content for social networks, mobile apps, websites and media

Case examples

We believe that companies need to fight for the attention of the target audience to the format of presence in digital channels

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Content services for mobile and web applications

We will help to increase the value of the product with the help of useful, engaging content.

The creation of additional content services allows you to increase the frequency of application usage, increase customer loyalty, develop interesting partner projects and implement additional product monetization schemes.

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Digital strategy development, brand presence in social networks

We come up with and implement strategies for the presence of companies in social networks and digital space. We don’t just fill your company’s pages with content, we create a single narrative scenario (like in a movie), within which we communicate with subscribers, involving them in communication with the brand.

People don’t need information, it’s important to them how deeply you perceive their problems. We make it so that it is interesting to watch the brand, to return to the stories that the company tells on social networks

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Friendship with the media and opinion leaders, creative PR projects

We do not write boring press releases, but come up with interesting informational occasions.

We work with target media, opinion leaders and professional platforms, Telegram channels and achieve a regular presence of the company in the information field.

We develop integrated PR campaigns, including offline and online activities.

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The «Good Team» platform for launching content services

Our company’s own software solution for B2B partners, which allows you to implement content services in the shortest possible time and evaluate the effectiveness of their implementation, minimizing the cost of additional development.

Flexible API, convenient tools for preparing and publishing content, ready-made templates, multi-user access, statistics on the use of content services.

The launch of the platform is Q3, 2022.

Do you want to be one of the first to test its functionality? Write to us.


We help brands to occupy leading positions in the Russian market

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Our team consists of screenwriters, copywriters, content managers, designers, illustrators, photographers, video content producers, PR and IT specialists


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It is very interesting for us to work with companies that create their own products, and therefore value their consumers and pay great attention to the localization of the product 


Do you create cool and interesting products? Write to us

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More than 10 years in the field of public communications. Engaged in strategic corporate communications of an international telecommunications giant. He has experience in crisis communications, PR support of mergers and acquisitions, launching new products, rebranding. She has worked with senior executives, the largest PR agencies and press services of the country.

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20 years in the field of strategic marketing, innovation and development of content services. Launch of new technological products in the markets of Russia and Europe. Development of marketing strategies that take into account the transformation of human-machine interaction scenarios.


We strive to bring human values back into all aspects of communication

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Every week, my team and I hold creative sessions where we propose and discuss ideas of content strategies for a variety of companies and projects.

Write to us and we will offer you a creative strategy for your presence in digital for free